Why Chocolate Tea...

We first discovered this amazing tea made from 100% natural cocoa shells in Guatemala. It was love at first sip and the start of a new adventure! The journey from seedling to your perfect cup of cocoa tea begins in the fertile soil and favourable climate of Central America. Cacao is actually a tall tropical tree that produces long oval cacao pods. The pods contain raw cacao beans which are then harvested, fermented and dried before roasting. The bean is then separated from its shell and we are left with our amazing chocolate tea. 
Our cocoa shells are sourced from trusted suppliers who deal directly with local growers. There is no middleman which means more money goes to the farmers and their families.
Sustainable and ethical practices ensure the highest quality of organically farmed cocoa shells. Transparency and consistency is closely monitored throughout  each process. In addition, the cocoa beans are non GMO verified so we're all doing our part for Mother Earth.

                                    Sugar Free  Gluten Free

                                  Dairy Free   Soy Free

                                  Fat Free      Calorie Free

                                  Vegan           Nut Free

Made from 100% hand roasted cocoa shells, this tea is rich in iron, zinc, antioxidants, magnesium and other micronutrients. Cocoa shells also contain theobromine, a natural mood enhancer that is slowly released through your body.

Seriously! Chocolate Tea is truly a guilt free chocolate indulgence. Enjoy the natural pure chocolate flavour on its own or mixed with our other 100% natural flavour combinations. Hot or iced, it's always delicious. 

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